TOCs & Infrastructure Managers With The Following Job Titles:

CEO's, Directors, Heads, Chiefs & Managers Of...

  • Passenger Information
  • Customer Experience
  • Commercial & Customer Services
  • Information Systems
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Real-Time Information
  • Marketing
  • Service Delivery
  • Social Media
  • Control Communications
  • Railway Systems
  • Customer Operations
  • Traffic Information
  • Customer Service


  • Systems Integration Solution Providers
  • App Developers
  • On Board PIS Suppliers
  • Station CIS Suppliers
  • On Board Wi-Fi Solution Providers
  • Wireless Carriers
  • GPS Tracking Providers
  • Staff Training Consultants
  • Control Automation Software Suppliers
  • Data Management Solution Providers

Integrating Passenger Information 2014

The First Congress Focusing On The Delivery Of Accurate, Consistent, Real Time, Multi Platform Information

As customers become increasingly connected through smartphones and social media, TOCs are under increasing pressure to provide consistent real time information across all communication platforms from the home computer, to the hand held device to the station to the platform and on board.

The solution to ensuring consistent data is delivered consistently and in real time lies the ability of companies to integrate systems and data and automate control to improve the speed, accuracy and accessibility of passenger information during disruption. With integrated systems TOCs can push personalised information to passengers and provide smarter mobile ticketing to deliver seamless multimodal experiences that meet customer expectations.

The most effective way to assess the business case for systems integration and to optimise the use of all communication platforms such as social media and smartphones is to learn directly from TOCs & Infrastructure Managers from across Europe and North America that have real, tried and tested experiences of leveraging the latest technologies.

Integrating Passenger Information 2014: Global Multi Platform Communications Summit was designed alongside industry leaders and delivered 20+ case studies over two days:


Day 1 started with case studies on systems integration and automation at control to provide consistency of information across all platforms. Speakers then assessed  customer expectations, in regards to smartphone, social media and ticketing. The day also covered the latest strategies for delivering information during disruption, both in unplanned and planned work scenarios.


Day 2 began with a strategic look at the industries' latest developments in core information architecture and delivering real-time information on board, such as through Wi-Fi and personalising information. Case studies looked at technological business cases for GPS train tracking, open data and technology for staff as well as strategic communications between infrastructure managers and TOCs and methods for developing a cultural change in customer service quality delivered by frontline staff

Missed The Congress?


The First Congress Focusing On The Delivery Of Accurate, Consistent, Real Time, Multi Platform Information

TOCs and infrastructure managers from across Europe and North America will deliver case studies on:

SYSTEMS INTEGRATION: Ensuring consistency of information through integration of communication platforms

AUTOMATION: Speeding up the delivery of real-time and consistent information through the automation of control centre processes

COSTS: Evaluating the business case for investment in integration, automation and emerging communication platforms such as social media

CUSTOMER EXPECTATIONS: Reviewing what information to deliver through each delivery medium to meet customer demands

SMARTPHONE: Enabling seamless multimodal digital integration and understanding the impact of smartphones upon customer expectations

SOCIAL MEDIA: Balancing resource requirements with customer satisfaction improvements to assess the business case for social media

INFORMATION DURING DISRUPTION: Leveraging technology such as PIS and GPS train tracking and harnessing the full potential of staff to provide accurate information

ON BOARD: Providing connectivity to passengers through Wi-Fi and integrating systems to deliver consistent and accurate real time information on board

PERSONALISING INFORMATION: Using smartphones and open data to enable rail operators and 3rd parties to push personalised information to customers

STAFF QUALITY: Delivering a step change in customer satisfaction through transferable cross-industry lessons alongside training and technology for staff





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